About Brendan Nogue Photography

I believe that wedding photography is about more than just the story of your wedding day. The experience starts from our first meeting and extends indefinitely. The most important thing to me is that you have exceptional photos on your walls and in albums for the rest of your lives together. Creating beautiful portraits and capturing real moments is what I truly love to do and it can only happen if you are relaxed and enjoying yourselves. That is why from the engagement session to the final delivery of the images I want the process make your feel respected and valued so you can have fun and be relaxed on the best day of your life.

Adele Lafond of Photos by Adele is my partner in photography and life. Adele is an energetic, fun and creative photographer who loves to laugh and gets overexcited when she sees a great photo. We work great as a team and love photographing weddings together! If you are interested in having a couple/ team capture every moment of your day contact me about my specialized two-photographer packages.


About Brendan Nogue

You're most likely busy planning a wedding so I'll make this quick!

  • Born and raised in Calgary

  • As a kid I loved -at various times- Dinosaurs, Robin Hood, Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles and Star Wars

  • As a teenager I loved hockey, photography and learned a love of travel

  • As an adult I basically just love all those things, plus my wife, Adele... and beer.

  • Photojournalism school at SAIT

  • Worked at the Banff Crag & Canyon weekly newspaper in Banff (yes, that's really the name)

  • Started my own photography business in 2008 and went full time at it in 2012


If you'd like to learn more about the complex being that is Brendan Nogue (say it like rogue or vogue, but with an N) then lets meet up! I promise I won't actually talk about myself much because I want to learn all about both of you and the wedding day you want to remember forever.

You can also find me all over social media:

Photos by the amazing and talented Adele Lafond of Photos by Adele and Robert Albertin of Rogo Photography