Wedding Survey Part 2

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You're engaged!! Congratulations!

Tell your family! Show your ring to your friends and make them jealous! Change your status on Facebook! Exclamation Points!

Now the actual wedding planning begins...

Planning your wedding can seem like a daunting task. Just realizing all of the different things that need to be planned can be a chore in itself.

I thought I would try and help future brides to make their day as special as possible. I sent out a quick survey on all my social media for any past brides and grooms to offer there advice, their favourite things about their big day and the decisions they would have made differently if they had a second chance.

This is the second part to a blog with the results from a wedding survey I posted and a got a great response from a wide variety of married couples!

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Get photos in the format you want.

Since I am a wedding photographer a portion of the survey was skewed toward the photography side of weddings, and there was some interesting points that came out when I looked at the responses as a group.

Almost everyone got digital images as part of their wedding photography packages. Almost everyone had taken the time to share the photos online. Which makes sense because it is a quick and easy process and you want to share the amazing day you just had with friends and family. What was really interesting was looking at what people still wished they had done with their digital images (sometimes years later).

Over half of the people who responded still wanted to print more hard copies of their images and most of those wanted more big images for their walls.

In the days and weeks right after the wedding you are busy with family, friends, honeymoon and revelling in wedded bliss! Most people aren't all that interested in going out and getting prints made. Then as time passes it slips your mind and you don't end up with the photos hanging on your walls like you originally intended.

This is definitely something to discuss with your wedding photographer as they would most likely be happy to take on that burden for you and get your beautiful professional level framed prints, canvases, metal prints or prints on wood that sometimes only professionals have access to. As a bonus they will be properly sized, colour balanced for printing and perfectly edited.


Think about what is important to YOU

One final thing that came up multiple times in various responses was that people wished they had taken a look at what was the most important thing to them before they started planning. People wished they had sat down and really think hard about what you want your day to look like. What are the most important aspects to you and what would just be nice. This way you are working on the best, most important parts of the wedding day because planning such a beautiful event should be fun!

"Enjoy the planning. Do what will make you happy and do not worry about pleasing everyone. Make sure you make it your own."

This way you can pass along the tasks and events that are less important to you to the friends, family or professionals who are eager to help. This gives them the chance to surprise you with details done well and if it doesn't turn out just so it isn't one of the details you cared the most about.

"The smaller details although they look nice are not what you remember. They stress you out and it's best to keep it simple."

"Stuff happens, just roll with it. You can't plan a flawless wedding but you can plan one that you and your guests will (mostly) all enjoy."


Once you are clear on what are the most important things set out to do them first and make sure that you get them how you want or as close and you can.

"To do it your way! Our parents wanted some things different but it wasn't us. We stuck to our guns and at the end of they day it was perfect and even our parents agreed it was better our way."

I think every couple out there can agree with this quote from the survey...

"Savour every second... it goes by so fast and don't get hung up on the little things. At the end of the day, the most important thing is marrying the one you love. Not how much money, what your dress looks like, not if the cake was good..."



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