Favourite Country Weddings of 2016

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Favourite Wedding Photos of 2016

2016 is over, and of people around Calgary and the world won't be sad to see it go. It was not the happiest, most stable or most fun year for a lot of people, but it had some fantastic moments!


For all of the weddings I photographed this year there was at least one definite bright spot in the year. Now that 2016 is coming to a close I thought I would focus on some of my favourite wedding moments from this year.


I'm going to take the next few blogs to highlight my favourite wedding photos from 2016 everything from wedding details to portraits and candid moments to venues.


My First blog in this series was all about Rocky Mountain Weddings. The next installment looks at the other side of Alberta!



Alberta Country Weddings 2016

Engaged couples in Calgary are spoiled for choice when it comes to venues, locations and themes for their weddings. A lot of the time our amazing Rocky Mountains get all the headlines, but so much of what makes up the heart of Alberta is in our countryside. The rolling hills, farmland and prairies that have spawned our cowboy culture make an amazing place for a wedding. There are some views and venues in the foothills and prairies that can go toe to toe with all the mountains have to offer.


Also for certain couples the aesthetic of the country themed weddings just fit them so perfectly. There are so many great decor and photo ideas that can make an Alberta country wedding perfect.


Venues featured:

Cochrane RanchHouse

Spring Valley Chapel

Beaupre Hall

Red Deer Lake Hall


I'd also like to thank Photos by Adele and Stefan Makawana Photography



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