Calgary Fall Weddings

March 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

To me fall is the like the Sunday of the year. Sundays are the day after all the crazy fun of a weekend. They are a time to relax and/ or get things done before the grind of the work week starts up again.

I feel like autumn is just like that. You are finished with all the vacations, sun and hectic schedule of summer. Done with cramming in as many activities into the hot days and long weekends of July and August. You are ready for a break and you are ready to see your favourite hoodie again. Fall is like one last bit of nice time where you can still enjoy the sunny weather before the grind of a windshield scraping winter starts up again (can you tell how I feel about winter?)

This atmosphere of slowing down and squeezing the most out of last warm days of the year makes for a great time to have a wedding in Calgary.

With the one exception of snow on September 10 two years ago, fall in Calgary is pretty special. September and October are usually comfortable temperatures, so nobody at your wedding  is sweating or freezing to death. Plus they days cool off nicely in the evening to make for a cozy feel to any indoor reception.

The real bonus to a fall wedding is the incredible colours. The yellows, oranges and reds of fall can turn even the most plain park into a beautiful scene for wedding photography.

Here are some of my favourite photographs captured at some of the the amazing fall weddings here in Calgary!


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