Spring Weddings in Calgary

March 09, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I believe one thing that all Calgarians have in common is the happiness we all feel the day a piece of green grass peeks through after months of brown and slush. It feels like our whole city is ready to celebrate. I believe being Calgarian makes you know how to celebrate spring's arrival, like when a Chinook rolls through and you put on your shorts in February and hit a patio.

Also because a popular time to get engaged is from Christmas to Valentine's Day, it is hard for a lot of Calgary couples to put together a wedding in time for spring. However if you are the organized type and able to pull off a spring wedding you will be rewards with amazing blooms and sometimes even sweet wedding vendor discounts!
So I completely encourage and love spring weddings in Calgary, they have a fresh and colourful feel to them that is so unique to spring time here in Calgary. So here are a few of my favourite spring photographs from wedding and engagement sessions, enjoy!


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