Are you photogenic?

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Calgary Wedding Photography - Are you Photogenic?

Most people don't consider themselves photogenic and don't really like having their photo taken. As a wedding photographer this is probably one of the most common things I hear from people who are planning their weddings, and it is simply not true. You may think you aren't photogenic, but you are! Especially on the happiest day of your life.

Everyone has photos of themselves that they love and think they look good in. But sometimes it's hard to look good in a dark pub or at a family dinner with your mouth full of food, (I can usually thank my mom for this gem of a shot.) So when this is the low level that you are basing what you look like in photos it's no wonder you don't think you're photogenic! There is no need to be nervous about how you will look when you are working with a professional photographer, we want you to look absolutely amazing by getting to know your personality, your favourite and most flattering, angles, expressions and lighting. This is where an engagement session can be very helpful!

So when it comes down to it everyone is photogenic all you need to do is lose the nerves you have about it! And maybe tell your mom to stop taking dinner pictures. ;)



Bonus fun fact: people often think they look strange in photos because they are more used to looking at a reflection of themselves than a photo so when they see a photo they look backwards to their eye!


If you want to learn more about how we can help you to feel more photogenic contact me so we can talk about a session!

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