Gillian and Simon's joyful wedding

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At Gillian and Simon's wedding reception at the Central Grande Restaurant there was a large backdrop sitting directly behind the circular head table that the couple was sitting at. In the centre of the backdrop was a large golden Chinese character. I asked Simon's brother and sister-in-law, who were acting as MCs for the reception, what the character meant and they told me it was known as double happiness, and it is a very well-used symbol at Chinese weddings.

It's a character used to represent joy and good luck and I couldn't think of a more fitting symbol to represent Gillian and Simon! The character is formed from the charter for happiness then next to it and pressed in close the character for happiness again.

This is so fitting because as individuals Gillian and Simon are each some of the kindest and happiest people I know. They have big smiles that just make you want to smile too. But together (and especially along with their dog Bolt) they are unstoppably happy! They are just so fun to be around.

Top that off with the fact that they had an Up themed wedding complete with balloons, pastel colours and an Adventure Book.

The whole day was filled with so much laughter, big smiles and tears of happiness. From the touching words at the tea ceremony in the morning to the beautiful wedding vows shared at the Cochrane Ranchhouse to the laughter and mountains of food shared at the Central Grande Restaurant it was a day jam packed with emotions.

I was so happy to get to be a part of Gillian and Simon's joyful wedding thanks to Photos by Adele and I wish you two the most double happiness a couple could have.


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