Wedding Family Photos

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Family photographs are so important. A couple of times I have received an email or a phone call from a client saying a beloved family member has very sadly and unexpectedly passed. And in all cases the photographs that we took on the wedding day were the last professional photographs of that individual.

So even though the family photographs are usually not the most creative part of the wedding day, I believe they are just as important as any other moment captured throughout the day. They should be taken with the utmost care and patience.
As far as planning a location for them, I usually keep to keep it simple.
Nothing is worse then spending 30 minutes on the phone with grandma explaining directions, I just try to use the time actually getting all of the photos of different family groups instead of getting everyone together and driving somewhere new.

Another option if your ceremony spot doesn’t have a great spot for family photographs, would be to do them right before your reception. That way that beautiful reception view can also be included in your family photographs.

It is also key to put together a list, with names, of all the family photo groups for your photographer. Without some good planning it can be chaos with you running around looking for Uncle Jerry while your grandma patiently waits in the hot sun!

Think about not just one side of the family and the other but all the combinations of family members that you'll want to have for yourself and for gifts afterwards. With a list and some planning you can breeze through your family photos and make sure you have all the images you want. Plus when you're organized and things fun candid moments happen it's easy for your photographer to get them and still easily get back on track.

Here are a few favourite family photographs I’ve taken over the years, enjoy!

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