Winter Weddings in Calgary

May 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

With the easy warm winter we just had and spring getting into full swing right now it is hard to think about being back in the cold grip of Canada in November, but this is the time when people planning winter weddings are getting going! If you've chosen to have a winter wedding I think you've made a great choice!

There is something pretty magical about having a winter wedding. It’s as if the jolly feelings from Christmas make there way into the wedding, and along with a cozy fireplace atmosphere the perfect setting is created.

Also snow in photographs may be cold but is very beautiful and even though I’m bundled up like an arctic explorer I enjoy photographing in it very much! Plus since we have one of the greatest national parks in our the world in our backyard, we can get some truly spectacular winter photographs!

Even though winter weddings are usually cold, they always seem to feel warm. They are also a reminder that the weather isn’t what makes a wedding day so special. Also with parts of winter being the off-season for many wedding vendors you can sometimes get deals or specials that just aren't possible in the middle of summer or spring!

Here’s a few favourite photographs from some winter weddings, and I can honestly say I would stand out in the cold all over again to take these photographs! Hope you enjoy!



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