Why so long to get my wedding photos back?

June 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Something I get asked often about wedding photography by engaged couples is how long until they will get their photos back.

This is definitely a fair question because everyone is excited to see and share the professional photos to help them relive the fun of their wedding day. When people hear that it is going to be between a month and eight weeks they can be disappointed and maybe a little confused.

Why would it take so long? Especially in the digital age where you can see the photos instantly on the back of the camera.

Well, the main thing is that there are A LOT of photos! When you are around fun, beautiful people taking the best images you can for up to 12 hours you end up with a lot that you like. There can be over 2500 photos to look at! That can also be doubled if there is a second photographer there. This takes time to go through and we want to make sure that the absolute best photos are being chosen and edited. They are large images files that would be slow to look at without photography software so I don't want to just give all the unfinished photos to people for them to slowly wade through and not just get to enjoy the best, chosen and finished images. Imagine looking through the 10 or 15 images of one group shot and going back and forth through them all looking for one where everyone has their eyes open.

Since this is my full-time job and my number one priority is getting you the best photos from your wedding day I assure you that I will be working hard to get you your finished images as soon as possible. I've heard stories from brides of it taking four, six or 12 months to get their photos back, but I promise I won't leave you waiting that long!

Never fear though, we know how special it is to share your photographs. That is why Adele and I wont leave you hanging when Aunt Edna pesters you at the next family gathering! We offer a sneak peek soon after and even a blog post so you can have a little preview of your day about four weeks after your wedding day!

Hope you find this helpful and happy wedding planning!


- Brendan


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