Wedding Traditions: The Bouquet and Garter Toss

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Calgary Wedding Photography - Which Wedding traditions are right for you?

There are so many traditions associated with weddings that it can be overwhelming! With input from Mom, Dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents you might start thinking that you are going to need two full days to get it all in and twice your wedding budget!

This can be especially hard for younger brides and grooms who haven't been to as many weddings to see what some of these traditions look like in practice.

I am here to tell you that while traditions are a big part of almost every wedding day not every tradition is for every couple so don't feel like your day will be ruined if you decide to change or just skip some of these traditions.

I'm not talking about traditions of different cultures or families, but all of the tings that can seem expected at a western style wedding in Canada.

The Bouquet and Garter Toss

As a wedding photographer I personally love these! They can make for some really fun pictures as the single ladies and guys scramble to catch (or avoid) the bouquet and garter. It can be a fun activity that creates some laughs and funny pictures. On the other hand for couples that are a little more conservative and don't want to have their families around while they pull off the garter or people that don't want to put a spot light on their single friends and relatives this one is easy to give a miss. For the most part people won't notice if it doesn't happen and the party just keeps on going.


  • Can make for a really fun photo
  • Can be a fun activity to add to the evening
  • A tradition that some people would miss if it doesn't happen
  • Kids at the wedding love it


  • Can potentially be embarrassing for some people
  • Some people doing like to do the garter removal game in front of family
  • Your bouquet will get trashed or you will need to buy a small second 'toss' bouquet






Here are some of my favourite bouquet and garter toss photos from weddings in Calgary over the past couple years.


- Brendan








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