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A Calgary Wedding Photographer's Take on Wedding Traditions

There are so many traditions associated with weddings that it can be overwhelming! With input from Mom, Dad, aunts, uncles and grandparents you might start thinking that you are going to need two full days to get it all in and twice your wedding budget!

This can be especially hard for younger brides and grooms who haven't been to as many weddings to see what some of these traditions look like in practice.

I am here to tell you that while traditions are a big part of almost every wedding day not every tradition is for every couple so don't feel like your day will be ruined if you decide to change or just skip some of these traditions.

I'm not talking about traditions of different cultures or families, but all of the things that can seem expected at a western style wedding in Canada.

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Wedding traditions - The First Dances

This is another one that I love as a wedding photographer. There can be some great moments between the newly-weds, and their parents and the closeness can really bring up some emotions for people. This can make for some beautiful and memorable moments was wedding images. It is also a great way to show your guests that the dance floor is open and ready for the dance party to start!

Some people don't like to dance in front of a room of guests though so feel free to change this up by having your bridal party join you on the floor after the first minute or two of your First Dance song. If you decide to leave out the First, Father Daughter or Mother Son Dances make sure you talk to your parents about this beforehand as you don't want to disappoint your mom or dad by telling them on the wedding day if the Father Daughter or Mother Son Dance was something they were really looking forward to.

Other ways you can vary the tradition is by having the Father Daughter and Mother Son dances at the same time or by having these dances with a different person who is important to you.


Pros Cons


  • Can be an emotional moment between you and your Dad or Mom
  • Can make for beautiful and emotion filled wedding images
  • Is a great way to kick off the dance floor


  • Can feel like a long time to be dancing in front of your wedding guests for some couples


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