Favourite Calgary Weddings of 2016

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Favourite Wedding Photos of 2016

2016 is over, and lot of people around Calgary and the world won't be sad to see it go. It was not the happiest, most stable or most fun year for a lot of people, but it had some fantastic moments! Especially for those that got married!


For all of the couples I photographed there was at least one definite bright spot in the year. Now that 2016 is coming to a close I thought I would focus on some of my favourite wedding moments from this year.


I'm going to take the next few blogs to highlight my favourite wedding photos from 2016 everything from wedding details to portraits and candid moments to venues.


Calgary Urban Weddings 2016

Calgary is a city that is made truly great by what surrounds it. As I mentioned in my previous year end blogs focusing on mountain  and country weddings in Alberta we have some of the world's best natural landscapes all with in a few hours drive from Calgary.


If you only look at Calgary's amazing surroundings and overlook the city itself you are missing so many fantastic wedding venues and photo locations. From modern downtown restaurants to gorgeous heritage homes and vast parks to sleek architecture. I had no idea how many different, interesting and beautiful spots there were in this city until I started photographing as many as I could!


Then there are all the locations for wedding portraits! I love getting to be a Calgary Wedding Photographer because there is so much variety in the landscapes and backgrounds for wedding portraits and candid photos.


For couples of all types and with all different interests there are wedding venues and photo locations to match. I love to take couples on a tour of the city through photos while we talk about photo locations!

Here are some of my favourites from 2016 weddings!

Venues Feature:

Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Park

Calgary Golf and Country Club

Valley Ridge Golf Club

Heritage Park

Charbar in the Simmons Building, East Village

River Café in Prince's Island Park

Alloy Restaurant

Baker Park


I'd also like to thank Photos by Adele for all the times we worked together!



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