Calgary Wedding Venues: Hotel Arts

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A Calgary Wedding Photographer's take on Wedding Venues: Hotel Arts

Calgary's Best Wedding Venues: Hotel Arts

The first time I went to what is now Hotel Arts it was about 2003 and I was a delivery driver for a printing company and it was a lowly Holiday Inn. I am happy to say that I am a full-time wedding photographer these days so I don't have to drive around in a mini-van bringing heavy boxes of paper up to office buildings while listening to CJAY 92 all day (although I do miss eating about three sandwiches before noon every day).

It's amazing how things change! Now Hotel Arts is a beautiful, modern and chic hotel. It's so nice in fact that when the AMC TV show Fargo needed a location to stand in for Las Vegas they chose Hotel Arts (side note: watch Fargo, it's awesome!)

Hotel Arts is one of only a few Hotel's in Calgary that truly cater to weddings. Weddings are what they do at Hotel Arts, and they have it down!

The huge Spectrum Ballroom can be divided several different ways depending on the size of your wedding and if you are doing both your ceremony and reception there or just the reception.

There are so many cool options like the possibility to have your ceremony in their outdoor pool area or the chance to use the unique shutter decor of the Yellow Door Bistro as a photo backdrop!

One other amazing thing that Hotel Arts can provide is a completely custom menu. They have even had people send in their grandma's recipe and recreated it for their wedding day meal, even for hundreds of guests (don't make grandma do that).

As a wedding photographer it's a fantastic space as well because it is so close to so many downtown locations, making it easy to get to some great locations and back in a short amount of time, so you don't have to leave the party for too long. Another reason I love it is because it is always a beautifully put together space making nice backgrounds in all the reception photos.

Also the amount of decor options that are included can save you money on rentals, and the fact that they have dedicated staff to help you with planning and pulling off the wedding of your dreams!

The biggest asset to that is the Events Manager Brian Brownlee, who is a true pro in the industry and one of the nicest guys you could hope to work with.

So if you want a wedding day that you don't have to worry about the details, while still knowing that they will be flawless then Hotel Arts could be the right venue for you.

Check out Hotel Arts website for all the details but here is a quick run down to help you get started.



With the unique way Hotel Arts' ballrooms can be used there is a huge variety of different sized events that can be hosted there. The best thing to do is check their capacity chart

Max Capacity: 550 with banquet tables and 900 as a reception style!

Meals: Anything and everything is possible!

Contact: [email protected]


Check out some of my favourite photos from the beautiful hotel rooms and reception venues at Hotel Arts!



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