Favourite Wedding Photos of 2018 Part 1

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My Favourite Wedding photos of 2018

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Every year over the holiday season I look back at all of our weddings and engagement sessions. Now, the easiest way to do this would be to organize them while I’m working on them, but that isn’t nearly as fun!

It certainly makes for a fantastic year-end review: the fun couples, epic locations, beautiful sunsets, huge smiles, Grandma hugs, dad jokes, and many more adorable moments throughout the year.

I am so very grateful to all of the people who have trusted me with their wedding photographs. Taking on these projects is a huge responsibility – one that I never take lightly and never becomes tiresome; I love every moment of them.

Do I love it when every DJ from almost every wedding plays Uptown Funk? A song I’ve heard 10, 000 times? You bet I do! Bruno Mars is great and everyone loves him! Trick question!

Do I love it when I have a huge group of people stand ready for a photo and my batteries run out in my flash at the very same moment? Yes! Because it allows me a great opportunity to show off my cool battery storage elastic system, which everyone is always impressed by!

I live in anticipation for what 2019 has to offer and for all of the wonderful people I will have a chance to meet and build relationships with!

Happy New Year!

Now, enjoy a few of my favourite portraits, smiles, cheers, dance moves, and moments from some of the weddings I got to be a part of in 2018!

- Brendan

P.S. This is the first of three blogs filled with my favourite wedding photos from 2018! Check back soon for the rest!

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